Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Shoe Hunt Update (AKA Options about Shoes)

Because I'm sure you care after I mentioned my search here, I purchased two new pairs of summer shoes. Both lean toward casual, which means I'll have to come up with something else for summer wedding season, but both seem pretty comfortable. 

1. Toms. Yeah, whatever. All the kids are doing this. But I wanted a shoe I could wear sockless and I wanted that shoe to cover my feet and be breathable. So I bought a pair of red classic Toms. They're breathable. They have the teeniest bit of arch support. They dry quickly if you're caught in the rain (which is pretty much how June has gone). They don't rub in the exactly the same place as most of my ballet flats. And the lining makes it feel like my feet are wrapped in bedsheets. They do make my big feet look a tad like skis, but I've always wanted red shoes and am currently living the dream. Win.

2. Birkenstocks. I wanted a feminine yet supportive sandal for dinking around this summer. I do a lot of dinking, so support was really important to me. I'm also kind of sensitive about my feet looking large and mannish, so I ended up getting a pair of Birkenstock Mayaris, a ladyshoe if I've ever seen one. They run a little big, so I was able to get my man-sized foot into the largest women's size. Not going to lie, they're a bit on the small side. But they're so cute that I just couldn't send them back. I feel like a girl in these sandals! A girl with supported arches and perfectly polished toes on display! The straps are lined with felt or something, so there aren't sharp edges to dig into my tender feet. I'm still breaking these/my feet in a little, but I'm calling them a win, too. Win.

So yeah, that's the conclusion to the quest that consumed me for days. I'm a winner?

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