Tuesday, August 8, 2017

One day I woke up and it was 2017

Hey folks,

So... I totally forgot about this blog. So sorry. Nothing much has changed since the end of 2013. I'm still living in the same rural city, still working the same job, still eating the same things. When I do eat something new, it is almost always a recipe from Kathleen over at Perfect Recipe Project

The gluten-free landscape has improved in the past few years, making it easier for me to find things to eat. For that, I am very thankful! I'm more likely to blog if I'm very happy or very annoyed about some eating experience, so you can infer that I've been in a comfortable space for the past few years.

I hope you're eating well and living well. Maybe I'll be better about remembering that this space exists moving into the future. I have thoughts about foods... maybe I'll share them with the readers who never purge blogs from their blogrolls.

Be well!