Friday, June 22, 2012

Opinions About Food: Chocolate Chex Cereal

In light of some recent exciting developments in other parts of my life, this week I'll be sharing some (overdue) product reviews instead of more substantial content. 

I've been a far more adventuresome glutard than usual. Although typically I don't seek out gluten-free substitute foods aside from pasta and frozen waffles, I've been revisting these products lately. And these adventures have been fruitful. On my latest adventure, I stumbled upon Chocolate Chex. I was on a mission for Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs and, well, Mission Accomplished!

Pros: The box says 'with a touch of cocoa.' That's quite an understatement, General Mills. These little buggers are the perfect amount of chocolatey. I feel like a kid who is pulling one over on her parents because Chex is typically a healthy cereal but these are only slightly more age-appropriate than Cocoa Pebbles (which are also gluten-free). Unlike their pebbly competitor, these don't turn into soggy little rice flakes that become impossible to catch with your spoon. Their larger size means you can easily scoop up every 'touch of cocoa' in your bowl. And they make your milk taste awesomely chocolatey, not fake chocolatey. The box also clearly states 'gluten free' in huge contrasting colors and font, which is how I spotted them in the cereal aisle anyway. And Chocolate Chex make a good snack on the run, sans milk. And they'd probably make good finger food for a toddler, if you want your toddler addicted to touches of cocoa.  {End Lovefest}

Cons: They do get soggy pretty quickly. I blame all of the damn holes in the grid that let the milk in for ultimate penetration.

{Resume Lovefest}

Overall: A solid gluten-free friendly cereal option from the folks at General Mills. If you want to make your Chocolate Chex healthier, add fruit. I found that they pair well with bananas or blueberries. Chex also comes in Cinnamon, Honey Nut, and possibly Apple Cinnamon varieties that are gluten-free. 


  1. Also super good with yogurt - and less soggy ;)

    1. That is a great idea! And probably a little healthier than putting chocolate chips in my yogurt.