Wednesday, May 4, 2011

(Relative) Health: Update

Apparently I shouldn't have been stealing the other kids' toys at daycare and jamming them into my ear, because I have an ear infection. In true 6-year-old style. That's right. All I want is some chicken noodle soup, except that is complicated by my glutardedness. And so I will cook up my own broth-based soup with rice or quinoa noodles while I eat popsicles and whine about how painful this is. 

My Super Simple Sick-Proof Chicken Noodle Soup (Ingredients to Meal in about 15 min!)

Make some noodles. Toss them into some vegetable or chicken broth and cook for a little bit with some salt, pepper, parsely, and thyme. If you want veggies, add some microwaved frozen veggies (I like green beans) and boil a few more minutes. Then eat some sad soup and think about how sad you life is :P 

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