Monday, May 9, 2011

Ear Infucktion Summary and Recap

Last week's spike in visitors to my blog has almost healed me!

Since I don't want the blog world to wait to find out if I am dead any longer, I thought I'd throw an update your way.

After nearly a week of intense ear and throat pain, I am finally just about back to normal. Like all of my life's journeys, though, this was not a straight and easy path.

I couldn't get in to see my regular doctor on short notice last week, so I saw this other doctor and her med student. The med student asked all sorts of prying questions under the guise of obtaining a social history. I passed the alcoholism screening, which was awesome (congrats to me!), which meant they could actually attend to my ear. The Doc and the Doc Jr decided that an ear infection was the source of my intense ear pain and gave me a heavy duty antibiotic to kill the beast within me. ...Apparently the same antibiotic that they use to treat people who have been exposed to anthrax. Doc and Doc Jr don't eff around. Nice. 

Except two days later I didn't really feel any better. So I went to see my normal doc, who took one look at my throat and decided I was misdiagnosed. Not an ear infection; probably strep throat or -- Lucky Lindy's Ghost -- mono! I am queen of childhood diseases! Normal Doc gave me strep meds and some real pain killers. I laid around some more with my sore ear/throat. Now I feel better. I felt so good on Saturday that I bet on the ponies and drank a mint julep.

Average daily popsicle consumption pre-infection: 0
Average daily popsicle consumption peri-infection: 5
Average daily popsicle consumption post-infection: 0

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