Sunday, May 15, 2011

Opinions about Food: Glenny's Oatmeal Cookies: A Review/Love Affair

Oops... apparently this didn't post when I meant it to! Sorry! But without further ado...

Welcome to Opinions about Food. DISCLAIMER: These are my own opinions. They are not fact. Just because I like or dislike something doesn't mean you will feel the same way. Please don't sue me.

Time for my first product review. As people who know me know very well, I have opinions and I like to share them. 
Today I will gush about how I much I love Glenny's Gluten Free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Taste: Phenomenal. No weird glutard flavors in here -- just chocolate chips, oatmeal, sugar, and heaven
Texture: Soft and chewy. No weird glutard grainyness
Size: Small. I could easily eat half of a box. Note: The box only contains 10-ish cookies
Overall: Did 1,000 baby angels just high-five in my mouth? Awesome! Hands-down one of the best pre-made cookies you can buy! And soft and chewy!!

Caveat: Not all Glenny's are created equal. I found the glutard Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats to be disappointing... The portions were small and everything felt very 'meh' overall.

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