Friday, April 29, 2011

Super Simple Strawberry Scrumptiousness

I've caught the recipe bug, so I am going to share the "recipe" for the cake over which I am obsessed right now. 
(Note: I resisted the urge to end that sentence with a preposition! A+ in English Grammar for me!) 
(Second note, this is a lazy, glutard adaptation of a recipe I found here.)

1 Box Betty Crocker yellow cake mix, prepared according to directions
Approximately 1 cup frozen strawberries
8 oz cream cheese
1-3 cups powdered sugar
1-2 tsp vanilla
A few droplets of milk

After Betty works her magic, it is your turn to shine. Puree 1-1.5 cups frozen strawberries in a food processor and stir them into the batter. When well-mixed, pour into the baking dish of your choice and bake according to box instructions. The extra moisture may warrant a couple of extra minutes in the oven, so use your best clean-toothpick judgment... for me, one time it did and one time it didn't.

You can either buy a container of cream cheese frosting to top it off after it cools, or you can make my Fabulously Fast Frosting Featuring FCream FCheese. To make your own cream cheese frosting, combine room-temperature cream cheese with some powdered sugar (maybe 1 cup? depends on your specific tastes and how thick you like your frosting), 1-2 tsp vanilla, and JUST A TOUCH OF milk. If you add too much milk, your frosting will taste fine but look like a bodily fluid. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

Top with springy sprinkles to really bring the jazz. 

Go forth toward obesity and diabetes! Enjoy!

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