Monday, April 18, 2011

G-Free Experiment

Kudos to Heather and Hangry Pants for her g-free experiment! Going gluten-free for any reason takes a lot of effort if you want to do it right, and I applaud her curiousity and initiative. As any of my friends who have been kind enough to try to adjust their potluck contributions for me are well aware, hunting for gluten requires the utmost attention. However challenging it may be, though, there are some perks to being aware of gluten.  

For me, as I commented over at Hangry Pants, my gluten intolerance has made me a better eater. I pay more attention to what I eat (because I have to), I have learned to cook new things, and I have learned how to get creative and adjust foods so that I can enjoy them. Being g-free has also helped me to become a more adventurous eater -- I am open to trying far more things than I was before. My initial transition was hard, but the overall experience has actually been empowering. I have a culinary confidence that I lacked in my gluten-full life. Best of luck to you, Heather! And thanks to Jane for pointing this out!

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