Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hey you found my blog (again). If this is your final destination, welcome! If not, safe travels as you head toward your final destination. On behalf of your blog crew (ok... me) I want to thank you for choosing this blog. We know that you have a choice in ways to waste your time, and we appreciate you choosing the Glutenless Goddess.


I wanted to announce that I am world famous! So far I have had over 100 visitors to my humble little home on the net! In fairness, probably 3/4 of them are me since I just now learned how to change the settings so my own visits don't count. But at least 1 person who is not me has stopped by! Plus, the link between Twitter and my blog that I so carefully crafted seems to be sending some traffic around the interweb. Let me just say that I am touched that you are procrastinating with me. 

While most of my viewers are Americans so far, I've also had two page views from Iran. I'm 99% sure that a spambot is trolling the internet trying to steal my identity or find ways to send me offers for Viagra that I can't refuse. If my Iranian fans are not nefarious internet lurkers, let me just say 'hello!' and 'how on earth did you find me??!'

That is all. This post was gluten-free-free (a.k.a. free of gluten-free discussion). Shit happens. I'm going to get back to obsessing over my March Madness bracket instead of obsessing over my food. Cheers!


  1. The other 1/4 (minus the Iranians) might be me... I'm not even a glutard, just a procrastinator!