Thursday, December 15, 2011

Get That Outta Here! More Tips on Avoiding Cross-Contamination

I still don't have anything nice to say, but I'll point you in the direction of a post that came across my Google Reader* this morning about tips for avoiding cross-contamination: A lot of it overlaps with tips and tricks I've mentioned before, but you get the point. You can see that I'm not making this (sometimes inconvenient) sh*t up. 

If you don't subscribe to the CeliAct blog, it might be worth checking out. BEWARE that they are trying to sell you supplements. Supplements are a good idea when you're missing a major food group, but DON'T feel obligated to buy their formulas. I'm healthy as an asthmatic horse** and I only take whatever multivitamin is cheapest plus a B vitamin blend since many gluten-free grains aren't fortified like wheat flour is. But they aren't just selling products on their blog. I don't always find the blog useful, but I do like seeing their headlines, which often point me toward good things to know. Its nice to see what's going on in the glutard world and they write about things I wouldn't have thought to look up on my own. As long as I'm making recommendations, has some blog posts worth perusing, too. 

*Google Reader is how I subscribe to blogs. Even though the Almighty Google recently overhauled Reader and removed some of my favorite features, it is a great free service that has a user-friendly Android interface. 
**It's not like their supplements can cure asthma anyway. This should be obvious, but I am still feeling a little stabby, which makes me skeptical of everyone's intelligence, even my own. 

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