Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Even More Famous Than I Was Yesterday! Thanks!

A while back, I had my 1000th page view. I was hesitant to declare my awesomeness again on the blog because 1/10th of those views were from myself before I figured out how to not track my own page views. But then I looked at my stats again and the number had increased and I had a few more international views. Clearly, it IS time that I discuss my awesomeness. But my awesomeness would not be possible without YOUR awesomeness. 

How awesome are you? Let me count the ways:
-I've received comments on my posts, which makes me feel like there may actually be a little community forming around my blog. 
-I've received support from you, which has helped me reflect and grow as a glutard and a person. 
-I've talked to people who have told me that my blog is helpful, which is pretty sweet. I like making things easier for others. I'm happy to answer questions. If you have something you want to ask or discuss, leave a comment on a post and I'll considering writing a post answering your question. 
-I've talked to people who have told me that I am entertaining them, which is pretty sweet, too. I don't think of myself as particularly funny, but I enjoy making people laugh. I'm not going to quit my day job to pursue a stand-up career, so don't hold back. Keep telling me how funny I am. 

So thank you, audience, for making this possible. You're the best! 

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