Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mmm... Beer...

Greetings, adult readers.
Non-adults: How about you play in a pile of beautiful fall foliage while I talk to the grown-ups.

Coast clear?

Sweet. I found a new gluten free beer that I like, Estrella Daura. It doesn't taste like regular beer, but it is better than most of the gluten free beers I've had. (Disclaimer: I haven't had a lot of gluten free beers. After I went gluten-free, I switched to wine and harder things.) It doesn't have the weird metallic, sorghum aftertaste that New Grist has. It doesn't have the weird rice-y skunky flavor that Redbridge has. It is refreshing and satisfying. Go try some if you're 21 years of age or older. 

Does anyone out there have recommendations for other gluten-free beers? Know of any good foreign brewskies that we can get stateside? If so, I'd love to get other recommendations!


  1. I like Estrella, but I like Bard's better - they have it at Sunset, and I bought a 6 pack at a liquor store in Newton one time, so it's around. You should try it:)

  2. How could I forget about Bard's?! That's my usual go-to gluten free beer. Thanks for reminding me!