Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Get to Know Your Glutard Blogger!

I don't have any important to say about living gluten free this week (but honestly, do I ever?), so I thought I'd try out a new feature, Get to Know Your Glutard Blogger. Since my identity is multifaceted, but only the glutard part gets the spotlight on this blog, it might be fun for you to learn a little bit more about me. This may or may not be a recurring feature. Here's how it will go: I'll tell you three stories/tidbits about myself, only two of which will be true. Later in the week, I'll let you know which one is false. Lets try this out.

1. Wheels are hard for me.
It started young. I spent a lot of my childhood summers with some sort of bandage(s) over my elbows or knees. It started when I was learning to bike, then continued onto when I was learning to rollerskate, then rollerblade. I was better at crashing than coasting. When I upgraded to motorized wheels, my luck wasn't much better. One of the first times I drove my parents' ATV, I slammed into the side of a shed. One of the first times I drove a golf cart, I slammed into my mom's car. One of the first times I drove a car, I slammed into a snowbank. When I play Mario Kart, I spend most of my time either slamming into barriers or driving off of edges. Luckily, after years of practice, I am not longer such a threat to person or property. 

2. I crushed my fear of crushes.
I've always been some weird blend of introverted, extraverted, and shy. This means that when I develop crushes on boys, I don't tend to act on them. In high school, I spent a not-insignificant amount of time daydreaming about _____ [his name has been omitted for his protection]. However, _____ and I had no classes together. I rarely saw _____ except for when his friends and my friends merged to create a superfriend group (think Damn Yankees or Them Crooked Vultures, but with high school nerds). I spent weeks agonizing over whether to ask him to be my prom date. Never being content to let fate handle things for me, I finally asked him after a superfriend group meeting. He said yes and we had age-appropriate fun.

3. I hung around a rough crowd in college.
Gigantic state schools are a blessing and a curse. They offer reasonably affordable education to many people and can provide opportunities that other types of schools can't. However, they may also attract more riff-raff than more selective schools. My second year of college, I got involved with a gang of rowdy dorm residents. Our shenanigans always started off being cheeky and fun, like the watergun fight. People were targeting each other with little squirt guns and small super soakers, while using dorm furniture for cover.  What fun! Until someone grabbed the dishwashing hose from the kitchenette sink and retaliated. At that point, the shenanigans turned to cruel and tragic. A lake developed.  This wasn't the first time we got in trouble for destruction of property, nor was it the last. 

Which one do you think is false??? Check back in a couple of days to find out!

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