Friday, August 26, 2011

Get to Know Your Glutard Blogger: The Big Reveal

I think I've left you in suspense long enough. As someone who values sleep very highly, I don't want any of you to lose any more sleep. 

Here's the lie:

2. I crushed my fear of crushes.

Here's the corresponding truth:
It is true that I am a weird blend of introverted, extraverted, and shy. However, I did not have some a glorious triumph over my awkwardness that included attending prom with my secret crush. In real life, I was not willing to risk the humiliation of rejection, so I didn't go with a date. At least not in the traditional sense. Prior to prom, my mischievous group of friends and I had purchased a blowup doll for another friend's birthday. (He was anatomically incorrect, in case you were wondering.) Charlie Stud, as he came to be known, was languishing in a closet somewhere, so my friend _____ [name omitted to protect her identity] and I went to a thrift store, got him a tacky suit (which would now be considered vintage, I guess), and brought him to prom as our date. He was the most popular guy at prom -- everyone wanted pictures with him. Typical of prom nights, Charlie had a hard time keeping his clothes on, but we were good dates and kept the fun age-appropriate. ;-) 

So there ya have it. Did you guess correctly??? What did you think of the Get to Know Your Glutard Blogger feature? 

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