Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Move!

Remember when I said I wouldn't ever move because I lived next to glutard pizza and beer? Well, I moved. And not just down the block like the last time. Days after I posted that, I was offered a job in the rural midwest. Which means that I haven't been blogging because I've been hauling my possessions across the country and figuring where I am going to eat. 

Breaking news: Turns out it is way easier to be a glutard in a metropolitan area than in the middle of nowhere. The grocery store in my town of 6,000 people has a 6-box-wide gluten-free section (don't get excited... wait for it...): But it is all mixes. No pastas, no cookies, no breads, no waffles. No convenience food. Just mixes. And it looks like it was stocked in 2000, back before companies figured out how to make edible gluten-free food. Seriously, it is all of the pioneer brands and nothing recent or delicious. I'm sure the grocer means well, they've just completely missed the mark. I cried in the damn grocery store. Thankfully, I found a co-op about 25 min away that carries better gluten-free options. I was so relieved that I posed for a picture with glutard waffles. I think Amazon is about to become my new best friend. 

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