Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Breakfast at Am's / My Dominoes Dilemma

I'm braindead, that's why there wasn't a post last week. My life has become a whirlwind of dinners and a haze of drinks. More than once in the past two weeks, I've passed out on my bed after a full day of working and a full evening of socializing, only to wake up around 4:30am in my clothes, usually precariously balancing a Nalgene bottle half-full of water. It has been exhausting, but also a tad spectacular. Right now, I am a less glamorous 21st century Holly Golightly. 

*Insert jeans and frozen gluten-free waffle and you've got me. 

None of that really has anything to do with anything. But I've been craving pizza and some preliminary testing suggests that Dominoes' gluten free pizza could actually be relatively safe. (And relatively edible, if I am remembering Dominoes correctly from my previous life.)

So I called my local Dominoes and asked to talk to a manager about how their gluten-free pizza is prepared because I'm really sensitive and wanted to be sure they were being careful at that location. I told him that I understood that there is limited prep space, and asked if they wipe down their counters between preparing traditional pizzas and gluten-free pizzas. He said no. Fine. I then asked if they COULD wipe the counter before they made a pizza for me. He said no. UMM... WIPING IS BASIC CLEANLINESS! So yeah, no Dominoes pizza for me. While it would probably be fine, I recommend talking to your local manager before ordering if you're particularly sensitive to gluten. 

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