Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Request for Extension

Yo readership,

I need an extension on my blog post for this week. I have a lot of blogs to read, I'm really busy with other stuff, and I had already made plans for this week before I realized that this post was due because I lost my syllabus. I am not feeling well this morning. Also, my dog ate my keyboard, so I can't type. Even if I could, I couldn't turn it in because the printer in the library isn't working. Can I email it to you later? No? I know you have a strict staple policy, but my dog also ate my stapler so when I finally get around to submitting my post, I will turn it in as a pile of unattached, unnumbered, nameless pages. That's cool, right? So anyway, I'll get around to this when it is convenient for me, with utter disregard for your schedule. 

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