Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: Year-End Review

I did practically nothing on the blog this year, and actually nothing since April, so this year-end review is gonna be quick.

-I'm still a glutard.
-I made a cookie in a cup once. 
-I made pulled pork this weekend and it was delicious. Recipe coming your way soon!
-I started a new job and moved to a new city (again), and am learning about my (limited) restaurant options. Nothing has really been worth posting. We have mostly chain restaurants here, so big ups to chains that have detailed ingredient lists or gluten-free-friendly menus, even if they don't offer much glutard food. I'm looking at you, Panera and Noodles. I also want to throw a kudos toward the sushi restaurant here (not a chain, so you don't get a link), which has gluten-free soy sauce on hand and Wednesday night martini specials. And while I'm at it, thumbs down to Applebee's for having a gluten-free menu that contains almost no actual food (lots of dressings and sauces, though) and to TGI Friday's, which has one of the least comprehensible gluten-free menus I've seen (I should have taken a picture when I was there. It was all symbols and no explanation, like being in a mass-produced white-washed Egyptian tomb). 
-I eat the same stuff I always eat. 

I hope 2013 treated you well and that 2014 treats you better!

Your Glutenless Goddess

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