Thursday, April 4, 2013


I haven't blogged in a while, so I decided to steal this idea from my friend Jane, who stole it from Eat Live Run. This will help get you caught up with why I haven't been blogging. Although I really should be, because there have been some major developments. My boyfriend's doctor recommended he try a gluten-free diet, so my entire household has been gluten-free! It has been really interesting to see the daily adjustment to gluten-free living, since I haven't been in those shoes in nearly 5 years. 

I'm currently...

Watching... The West Wing. Not sure how I avoided this show for so long, but it is fantastic. Good dialogue, good plot, a young Rob Lowe... everything reality TV lacks. 

Eating... Leftover and discounted Easter candy. Expect to see me 20-30 pounds heavier soon.

Planning... What to do with my life. I got a job offer that seems like a really good (although temporary) career move. It would require me to move to far, far away. It would make my boyfriend and I live apart for another year (after only one year of cohabiting). But my sense of adventure is calling strong and I get the impression that my coworkers there really want to help me make it to the next step in my career. 

Reading... 168 Hours. Jane recommended it to me and I am very slowly reading it. Thinking in terms of weeks and not days has been a helpful mental shift, but I am still having a hard time accomplishing all of the things I need to accomplish. Blogging today is my break from grading papers and never-ending research projects!

Inspired by... Spring? Once it gets a little warmer, I hope to start running again. It is too cold to run in Minnesota in the winter, and I am too poor to join a gym. 

Excited about... Normally I'd say the end of the semester, but that is when my benefits run out, so I'll be looking for affordable health insurance (HA! hahaha like that exists). I'm excited about getting job interviews and an offer, and excited about making a decision so I can start feeling out what the next year will look like. Spring is a time of great possibility! 

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